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Who We Are

With over 40 years of experience as part of the KGC Group, KGC Logistics has emerged as a high-quality 3PL partner with a focus on speed, precision, innovation, and most importantly, integration. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we offer end-to-end 3PL logistics services, right from in-factory logistics and warehousing to finished goods management and reverse logistics. Led by Harshad Kale who is also a Director at Kale’s Goods Carriers Pvt. Ltd, KGC Logistics has a team of young, highly trained and enthusiastic employees.

Headquartered in Mumbai, KGC Logistics also has offices in Pune and Bengaluru. Our presence in these prime cities ensures that we are in the thick of the action, and enables us to rapidly Manage your inbound and outbound material handling, inventory management, yard management for automobiles, clearance, and even empties management.

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What We Do

End-to-end management of Logistics operations inside your plant

Manufacturers are expected to deliver high-quality products within timelines that keep getting shorter by the day. This makes it essential for you to streamline all mission-critical processes and ensure greater operational efficiency. We help you achieve your production goals through our rapid and safe in-plant logistics services.

Our core factory logistics services are inbound and outbound material handling, which is managed by our expert team of operators, supervisors, and managers. We also own and can deploy material handling equipment like forklifts, tuggers and stackers. Besides material handling, we also support your team every step of the way, by taking care of your store management, inventory management, and line feeding. So let us manage your processes, while you sit back and relax with the knowledge that your factory logistics is in good hands.

Why Us?

Our in-factory services seamlessly integrate with the working of any plant, offering you a host of benefits:

Highly trained and motivated workforce SLA-based operations Ownership of manpower and equipment Output-based pricing Improved production time Enhanced operational efficiency

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Integrate our Factory Logistics services with our Inbound and Outbound Transportation, Warehousing, and Packing services for a complete package.

Management of your internal or external warehouse

Storing and managing your inventory in a safe and well-maintained warehouse is a cost intensive activity. You can benefit from our warehousing and warehouse management services. We have strategically located 5S-compliant warehouses in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru which give us a competitive edge in terms of delivery timelines.

We not only store your goods but also offer integrated warehouse and inventory management services. Our warehouse management system efficiently tracks and locates your goods to make sure they are readily available for dispatch. Our services also include forwarding, JIT solutions, cross docking, and container stuffing. We capitalize on the latest technology to help you transport your inventory on time, every time.

Why Us?

Utilizing our warehouse management services has the following advantages:

5S compliance Accurate tracking and inventory control Application of the latest technology Reduced costs Strategically located warehouses

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Integrate our Warehousing Services with Packaging and Transportation to enjoy greater benefits.

Partner you can trust for all local transportation solutions

For over 40 years, KGC Logistics has been securely and rapidly transporting materials and goods in a timely and reliable manner. Our expertise in the field has led us to achieve and maintain99% on-time delivery for two years.

Our fleet of over 200 commercial vehicles that includes various sizes and tonnage ranging from sub-1 ton mini trucks to multi-axle heavy-duty trailers, has a wide reach in the Western, Southern or Northern regions. Our specialized services include spare parts distribution, container movement, car carrier services, milk runs, and hub and spoke deliveries.

If you are looking to transport a high-end car, then our innovative single car carrier service is the perfect solution. We drive your high-end car on a specially designed ramp that leads to a carrier dedicated for single car transportation. The ramp ensures that even cars with a very low chassis can safely pass. The car is securely enclosed and locked in the carrier, and then delivered at your destination swiftly yet safely.

Why Us?

Registered Goods Transport Agency (GTA) Own a fleet of assorted commercial vehicles Expertise and 40 years of experience In-depth knowledge of local laws, tax, and permit rules On time and safe delivery

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Integrate Transportation with Warehousing, Factory Logistics, and Pallet Rental Services to get a holistic service offering. (All services)

Procurement material & packaging of your export & domestic consignments

If you’re looking for innovative custom packaging solutions, you may rest assured that you have come to the right place. We analyze your entire supply chain, take stock of your goods, and then recommend packaging solutions that suit your budget. With our lean, high-quality packaging and durable packaging solutions, can rely on us to protect your goods during transportation. And our team is trained to carefully handle and pack a wide range of materials and goods to minimize the risk of damage and loss.

We also offer the flexibility to just rent our reusable packing material, such as pallets, crates, containers, PP boxes, and more. Our pay-per-item system lets you rent the exact quantity of pallets or boxes required, significantly cutting down on recurring packing expenses. An added benefit of using reusable packing material is that it leads to less wastage and reduces your carbon footprint. In addition, we keep other external packaging materials handy, including bubble wrap, stretch film, matting, dunnage, straps, clips, VCI bags, etc.

Why Us?

Durable custom packaging solutions Reusable packaging materials Output-based pricing system Significant cost savings

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Integrate Packing Solutions with our Transportation, Factory Logistics, and Warehousing Services to get the most out of our suite of offerings.

End-to-end management of your finished vehicle or finished products

Managing your finished goods is one of the most crucial links in your supply chain. A delay here will cost you your customers/end users, so it is essential to ensure the goods are not only managed efficiently but also delivered on time.

KGC Logistics has the manpower as well as equipment to pick, pack, invoice, and forward your goods to traders, distributers, and dealers or other warehouses. We have an assorted fleet of over 200 commercial vehicles at your disposal to speedily and efficiently transport goods. Our range of vehicles includes sub-1 ton pickup trucks to heavy duty multi-axle trailers. We select optimal loads and routes to ensure that the finished goods are delivered as per your schedule.

Why Us?

Own fleet of assorted vehicles Own equipment and technology Trained and motivated manpower In-house packaging solutions Output-based pricing for cost savings Rapid and on-time delivery of goods

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Integrate our Finished Goods Services with Warehousing, Packing, Transportation, and Pallet Rental Services, so that we can take complete care of your goods.

A green solution that is easy on the pocket

While it is easy to just dispose of all the containers, crates, kegs, pallets, and dunnage after use, it does cost you a lot of money because you will have to purchase new ones for the next production cycle. Attempting to reuse packing material is an extra effort that will simply drive up your costs, as it involves sifting through the material, sorting it, and bringing it back to your factory or warehouse. Besides costing you a lot, packing material wastage also costs the environment dearly.

We help you cut down on your costs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, by leasing and transporting pallets and boxes made of high-quality, reusable material. Our customized and flexible pay-per-item packing solutions let you order the packing material you require, leading to considerable savings on recurring expenditure as well as CAPEX.

Moreover, our Pallet/Packaging Rental make it easy for your end-users to return products or send back rejected products. We manage the entire process for you, right from picking up the rejected goods to delivering it back to your warehouse or factory.

Why Us?

Flexible, output-based pricing Huge savings on cost Easy returns process for rejected products Reduced carbon footprint

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You can capitalize on our Pallet Rental Services by combining it with our Warehousing, Packaging, and Transportation Services.

One point of contact for seamless imports & exports

Never again let customs clearance be the reason of a holdup, as we can facilitate the entire tedious clearance process for you. We employ experienced customs agents to ensure trade compliance and help get the paperwork done for all consignments. Our brokers have good working knowledge of local laws and rules for various goods, making your clearance process swift and easy.

Why Us?

Swift and easy customs clearance Full documentation services Complete trade compliance Knowledge of local laws

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You can integrate our Customs Clearance Services with Transportation and/or Warehousing.

40 years of experience as part of the KGC India Group

KGC Logistics has a team of young, highly trained and enthusiastic employees

Trusted by some of the world’s leading brands.


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